The Rules are too simple .

So Simple that you can build a tunnel through any Greatness that’s been designed.

The problem is sticking to that level of Simplicity. Especially when one has known or been subjected to or has practiced Complexity at its various convoluted levels.


woman she is…?

love is passé , she prefers  wings ! 


She : what is your vision for me …

where is that you’d like to see me ?

He :    In my arms !

She :  you Control Nazi ! You freak ! …Misogynist MCP !??!

He : (dumbfound)




Sometimes, the conduit is the biggest obstacle and all you know is that you have to pass through.

edge thy home

You live at the edge of every world that you come to inhabit, all systems that you find to be a part of, each concept that makes you a believer in it.

How do you manage to locate such spots so effortlessly ?


the world is a sanatorium and I am not even a vulgarian, a true hypocrite or just ‘patient’ enough.


Do not let the air around

Seek the smoke of all that

Is burning inside of you.

Save it for tomorrow.

Burn Calmly.

who are you

Who are you ?
I am a ‘nobody’ .
Good, I like a ‘nobody’. They don’t come with the baggage of a ‘Somebody’.
Thank you. And, who are you ?
I am ‘me’.
Good. You are one-third ego. I can deal with that.


I don’t have stories; I have moments. Moments that have stayed after the loss of people and/or of the sentiments involved. Beginnings to these are another set of moments, relevant in another time and the ends not yet known, for they continue to be alive, to grow, to breed and to give hope.

to do or not to do

Even if everything that I do is pronounced wrong according to Societal Conventions; I cannot stop doing everything that I do.

foes & friends

The day I realized that I am my biggest Enemy, I stopped bestowing that honour on other people.

Same goes for the best Friend/s.

However, saying the latter in so many words would be extremely Rude and to practise it – exponentially Foolish. 

strongholds & strangleholds

Beliefs are your Strongholds ; don’t turn them into Strangleholds

your Faith can’t turn Integers into Integrity.

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